Quick surveys: The first platform on the market that allows to manage your own surveys independently, relying on the insights from 250 000 patients and caregivers in Europe. Intuition does not suffice anymore. With PatientLive, you get quick answers from patients and make better decisions.

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How it works

  • Autonomy: you create your quick survey a few clicks (1 to 5 questions)
  • Simplicity: you select your target (country, condition, patients or caregivers)
  • Rapidity: you get real time access to results
  • 18 conditions in France, 6 conditions in the UK, Germany, Spain and Italy

Examples of topics

  • Measure patients’ perception of your products, brands and services in real time
  • Identify patients’ expectations in terms of products and services
  • Test the concepts of services / tools designed for patients
  • Validate your messages directly by patients
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Use Case:
Patient’s influence in the choice of the treatment

Client: pharmaceutical company – Market Research Department

Aim: to measure the influence of patients with rheumatoid arthritis in the choice of their biotherapy

Target: n=50 patients suffering from rheumatoid polyarthritis and being on biotherapy

Period: April 2016


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